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Company Profile
Shanghai Puretrans Co., Ltd. (Puretrans) is a specialized translation service provider with its aims to bridge language gaps and help people smooth th…
Translation Services  
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Translation Scope   Contract, Document, Certificate and Essay Translation     Sales contract, business contract, project contra…
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NFPA Standards
NFPA 1  Fire CodeNFPA 2  Hydrogen Technologies CodeNFPA 3  Recommended Practice on Commissioning and Integrated Testing of Fire Protect…
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wet air 湿空气wet air pump 湿气泵wet and dry bulb thermometer 干湿球湿度计wet bulb thermometer 湿球温度表wet classifier 湿式分级机wet cleaner …

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Shanghai Puretrans Co., Ltd.
Contact in China

Addr: No. 19, Lane 747, Chuansha Rd. Pudong Dist, Shanghai, China
Tel: 400-080-6011 (toll free)
Tel: 86-187-6311-7679
Email: service#*#pure-trans.com
QQ: 1649926125 
Website: www.pure-trans.com


Contact in South Korea
Addr: 16-25, Jayang 4-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Korea
Zip Code:143-841
Tel/Fax: 0082-2-461-3255
Mobile: 0082-10-5872-7780
Email: krych(#*#)pure-trans.com
QQ: 1437215665

Address:No. 19, Lane 747, Chuansha Rd. Pudong Dist, Shanghai, China    Code:201107   Telephone: 400-080-6011  
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